Trust Board

Mr Geoff Matthews - Chairman

Geoff's association with the New Life Foundation (Tanzania) began in 2003 when he hosted a visit of one of the directors, Josephine Shoo, to New Zealand to study Christian education. As a result of this 4-week visit, Geoff's school, Hebron Christian College, where he is Principal, raised $11,000 for the orphanage and eventually sent a 53-strong mission team to Tanzania in July 2005, another team in July 2007, a third team in July 2009 and a fourth team in 2011. Click here to see report of 2005 Hebron Christian College Mission . The school has continued to fundraise for the orphanage and is planning further student mission teams. Geoff returned to the New Life Foundation in February 2006 to participate in the Conference for Abandoned, At-risk and Orphaned Children of Africa. Click here to see report of the Conference.

Mrs Ruth Scott - Secretary

Ruth has been a strong advocate of missions and has participated in a number mission trips to Third World countries. Ruth is married to Craig, who heads up Samraritan's Purse in New Zealand and is mum to three children, Joshua, Sarah and David. Craig and Ruth pastor a newly established church on the Te Atatu peninsula where Ruth runs the Mainly Music and the womens ministry programmes. Ruth has returned to Hebron Christian College as a Senior teacher, leading the middle school team.

Mrs Michelle Lai - Treasurer

Michelle was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand and is in the process of working towards her Chartered Accountancy qualification. She is married to Dustin and is excited to be part of the New Life Foundation. Although she has not personally travelled to Tanzania, she looks forward to the possibility in the future. Michelle accepted Christ into her life during her teenage years and has been overwhelmed with God's blessings and direction. She looks forward to growing and stretching spiritually as a part of NLF.

Cassie Hart

Soon after graduating as a primary school teacher, Cassie Hart worked as a volunteer teacher at the New Life Foundation for 9 months in 2009. She was responsible for developing the sport and PE programme, organising accomodation meals and transport for NLF guests and generally assisting in the general life of the orphanage and the school. Upon returning to New Zealand, Cassie was successful in gaining employment at Hebron Christian College teaching the Year 8 class. She accompanied the Hebron mission team to Mosh in 2011Cassie attends Life Church and assists with the Youth programme. Cassie is an avid sportsperson with a love of surfing.

Rev Dr Colin Marshall

Colin is the minister of St.Johns Presbyterian Church in Mt.Roskill. He and his wife Lorraine serve a growing family congregation. Colin accompanied the 2003, 2005 and 2011 Hebron Mission team outreaches to Singapore/Malaysia and Tanzania. He greatly assisted in the preaching department and also used his computer expertise reapiring the New Life Foundation computer equipment. Colin ran seminars for Tanzanian pastors during the 2011 hebron mission team tour. St.John's Presbysterian Church continues to support the New Life Foundation.

Ms Denise Herd

''Denise spent almost two years with NLF in Tanzania, from 2007 to 2009. She assisted with administration, managed the mission house for part of the time, taught English to the young mothers at Fountain of Joy, taught Social Studies and Religious Studies to Year 5, and was Project Manager for the Linda House project. Denise is passionate about the work of New Life Foundation Tanzania. She lives in Panmure and attends Faith Family Baptist Centre."

Richard & Merridith Ng

Richard & Merridith visited and worked in the New Life Foundation in September 2009 and returned to their home town of Wellington, New Zealand with a desire to support the New Life Foundation in whatever way possible. NLF(NZ) is happy to have them be our representatives in Wellington. Richard is an Optometrist by profession but also has a keen interest in photography, sports, nutrition, health and fitness. Merridith, born and raised in Maryland, US is a Personal Assistant and her interests are health and fitness, travel, reading and swimming. Richard and Merridith serve at ARISE Church Wellington.

Joshua Breetvelt

Joshua is 25 years old and is a self-employed electrician. He was raised in a Christian home and accepted Christ at an early age. He is now involved with youth at his church and helps in various youth camps. Joshua first visited the New Life Foundation for a week in 2006 while doing volunteer electrical work in the Joshua Foundation. During this time, a love for Africa was developed and in 2008 he returned to the New Life Foundation with a mission team lead by Peter Clerk.

Mrs Julie Bellingham

Julie is married to James, a secondary school teacher, and is the mother of 3 girls. Before beginnign a family, Julie and James undertook missionary work in Bolivia where James taught in a christian school while Julie work for a christian organisation, Word Made Flesh, reaching out and providing work for Bolivian prostitutes.

Mrs Monique Douglas

Monique first visited New Life Foundation, Tanzania as part of the 2011 Mission Team and was inspired by the vision and practical outworking of Glorious & Josephine's ministry to children. Since then she has travelled to NLF, Tanzania a further three times on individual trips and again in 2015 with the Hebron Mission Team. In 2011 she was approached by the Shoos to create a new website for New Life's head office in Tanzania. This was completed and she regularly updates the site at Monique has a personal ministry in media and communications around imagery ( which is utilised by local/overseas organisations and individuals to spread Gods truth around the globe via social media, print and film. She has been married to George for 25 years and they have two daughters currently attending Auckland University.