The school Principal & NLF(NZ) Chairman, Mr Geoff Matthews, two teachers, Mrs Margaret Sellar and Miss Natasha Brooking, two parents, Rev Dr Colin Marshall (NLF trust member) and Mrs Kerri Ross plus 18 secondary students visited the New Life Foundation in July 2013. This was the 5th visit by the school to the new Life Foundation since 2005.

The team enjoyed a lovely welcome on the Saturday morning and returned the favour by performing their customary haka (NZ native dance) and kapahaka (NZ native songs) to all those assembled. Afterwards they very much enjoyed mixing with the NLF children and visiting their classrooms and dormitories. They returned to the Fountain of Hope primary and secondary schools on subsequent days to perform the Christian drama, The Tale of Two Kingdoms, stage puppet shows and perform the dance "10,000 Reasons".

In the second week, the team travelled to Tanga to take part in the Missions SOS "Festival of Signs and Wonders" working with the Swedish evangelist Johannes Amritzer (see . The team would perform on the streets and in the market place each morning and invite the people to come to the afternoon event. Even in these street meetings, over 200 people came forward for salvation and prayer for healing. Over 130,000 people came to the afternoon/evening meetings and 12,000+ came forward at the alter call to accept Christ as their Saviour and Lord. The team returned to Moshi on the follwing Saturday rejoicing in the thousands of people touched by the presence of God in these meetings.

Venue at Usagara Park

Hebron team performing on street

Hebron girls performing dance

Mute girl speaks for first time

Then it was off to the Tarangarie and Ngorongoro Crater National Parks to study African wild life. The team returned and visited the Fountain of Zoe baby hospital and talk to the Fountain of Joy girls and see the work they do making handbags and other items. Another visit to the local youth detention centre saw 15 of the 17 "detainees" receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.
Apart from performances at the International Christian Church (ICC) and El Shaddai Church, the team also performed at two services at the Dar es Salaam Calvary Temple in Dar es Salaam on their way back to New Zealand via Dubai.

The whole mission trip was exceedingly successful and the team and student goals were reached with much associated blessing. Staff and students fell in love with NLF and Africa and many are wanting to return in two years' time. We thank Pastor Glorious and Josephine Shoo for hosting the team, NLF staff (esp Evelyne Mpinda, Esther Msangi, Princely Shoo & Yusuph Tito) and the Lord for His prtection, guidance and presence.

Danni Kirk, a young Auckland woman, is now working in the Newl Life Foundation as a voluteer worker. She writes:
"Long roads of red dust spread out before me and I marvelled at this curious land that I had suddenly found myself in. A land where the people greet you like a long lost sister, and the children have smiles that can light up a room. Excitement welled up within me...I was finally here! My dream had come true!!!

I was unsure what lay before me, a "Westie" born and bred, who although has travelled quite a bit, had never spent time any time in East Africa...all I knew is that I was where God wanted me to be and I had a desire to serve and if possible use the skills I have learned as a Social Worker in any way I could. Anything more than that was unknown!!

Well, I have been here for seven weeks so far, and it has been a very exciting journey!! God has blessed me amazingly by surrounding me with a group of men and women who inspire me in the way in which they love God and serve Him and are the most welcoming people that I have ever come across by far! Cries of "Karibu sana!!" ("You are very welcome") can be heard echoing wherever you go and people go out of their way to make you feel at home. Then there are the children...their courage, resiliency and faith astounds me and I find that I am challenged and encouraged by the way they live on a daily basis. It truly is an amazing privilege to be here.

My role with New Life Foundation, Tanzania (amongst other things) is to stand-in as the Sponsorship Coordinator whilst Alice is away on maternity leave and to create and implement a programme with the Fountain of Joy girls (teenage mothers and abused girls) which is designed to build their self-esteem and give them some tools to help process and cope with some of the things that they have experienced. There may also be the opportunity to look at doing some one-on-one sessions to follow up what has been addressed in the programme. I am learning a lot and whilst the roles at times have presented a number of different challenges, it has been such an encouragement to see God work and the way in which He answers your prayers...sometimes even before I have asked.

I am so incredibly thankful for this opportunity to work with New Life Foundation, Tanzania for six months!! In the short time that I have been here, I have wanted to laugh, cry, rejoice and despair...but in all of it God has been so very patient and faithful (as have the amazing people of New Life Foundation ) and my life has been forever changed...something for which no words can express just how grateful I am."

Richard and Merridith Ng, Wellington residents, recently spent time at the New Life Foundation during their tour around the world. They report that they had an amazing experience serving at the NLF. Richard, a keen photographer, has amassed a huge number of high quality photographs of the children at the NLF and some of these can be seen on the NLF(NZ) home page under the "Photo of the Week". Richard and Merridith have been asked by Pastor Glorious to be NLF(NZ) advocates in Wellington and they are already keen to gain NLF support .

The 2009 Hebron Christian College Senior Secondary mission to Tanzania was an outstanding success for the following reasons:
  • The 20 students performed and behaved in an exemplary manner
  • The 4 accompanying mothers and fathers were superb & most helpful
  • The programme was extremely interesting, exciting and very balanced
  • The accommodation and food was fantastic
  • The air and road travel was entirely safe and enjoyable. No deaths from Malaria, snake bites, rhinoceros charges, elephant stampedes, Yellow Fever, insurrections, etc.
  • The NLF staff were delighted with our visit – they said it was more exciting than Christmas!
  • Ministry at schools and outdoor crusades was very fruitful – 100s saved and ministered to.
  • Practical help was extended with the roofing of the new secondary school and 25 mosquito nets purchased and installed in the Amani Street Boys Shelter.
  • 20 students & 5 adults arriving back with stories of praise & thanksgiving.

A report on the 2009 Mission Trip can be downloaded by clicking here >>>>>. You can also read the day-to-day reports on the school website at or by clicking here >>>>


Pastor Glorious Shoo's visit to Auckland, New Zealand was a great success and he was able to meet with many people, visit schools and churches and ministered in a wide variety of places. Venues included:
  • Seven schools - Hebron Christian College, Bethlehem College, Kingsway School, Nga Kakano Maori Christian Billingual School, Peninsula Primary School, Rutherford College and Pakuranga College.
  • Ten churches - Harvest Church (Te Atatu), Harvest Church (Swanson), Helensville Christian Life Centre, Royal Oak Baptist Church, Eden Assemblies of God, Congo African Church, Hillside Community Church, Faith Family Baptist Church, Christian City Church, Newton Pacific Island Presbyterian Church, New Hope Church
  • Youth Meetings - Life Conference, Pakuranga Treasure Hunt Team, Newton PIC Youth Leaders, Primal Youth, Kerikeri Baptist Youth,
  • Christian Ministry - Childrens Bible Ministry Leaders mtg, Church of Christ (NZ) Leaders, AoG Pastors' Lunch, Christian Ministry for the Disabled,

  • Home Groups - St.Margaret's Home Group, Hebron Ironmens' Dinner & Talk, Harvest Ladies Group

My name is Cassandra Hart, I am 22 years old and have just completed a Bachelor of Education at AUT University in Auckland New Zealand. On 10th March, 2009 I am heading to Moshi in Tanzania, Africa for 7 months. There I will be teaching primary aged children who have very little possessions, however have much in the way of optimism. My website Cassandra's Website will enable you to follow my journey and be a part of what I will be doing. Each day you can view this website and keep in touch with my experience. I will be teaching at a place called the New Life Foundation in Moshi (Fountain of Hope), at the base of Mt Kilimanjaro where the children eat, sleep and learn. This African school gets much of its funding from Hebron Christian College in Auckland and each year they fundraise to send an African teacher to New Zealand to help them with professional development. 80% of the children that I will be teaching are AIDS orphans and have lost much hope. My ambition is to help these children find strength in themselves and know that they can achieve anything.

Mrs Mary Mahene, the Fountain of Hope English and French teacher and also the teacher in charge of the Sponsorship Department,was the 2007 successful recipient of the Hebron Christian College-New Life Foundation scholarship offerening her 6 weeks professional development in New Zealand funded by the staff and parents of the school (Hebron Christian College). Mary arrived on Sunday 7th October and will return on Sunday 18th November. While in new Zealand, mary will study New Zealand teaching methods, curriculum, observe French and English teachers in private and state schools, speak at school assemblies and churches on the work of the New Life Foundation and help the NLF(NZ) gain more sponsors for the children in Tanzania.

Twenty students from Hebron Christian College (Auckland, New Zealand) spent three weeks during their mid-year school holidays serving the children and staff at the New Life Foundation in Tanzania. The students performed Gospel dramas and puppet shows, sang and danced Maori christian cultural dances, choreographed the New Zealand National Anthem and played an array of games which included a soccer game in which the Fountain of Hope (FoH) triumphed over the Hebron boys. Older FoH students acted as translators at two crusades involving the Hebron staff and students and also shared their testimonies with the New Zaland students. Strong friendships and ties were formed during the three weeks and farewells on the last day were tearful and emotional. An account of the mission trip can be viewed on the Hebron Christian College website at:

Three young Auckland women in their twenties, travelled to Tanzania at the start of January 2007 to work at the New Life Foundation for 4 -7 weeks. Lysette and Alayna Matthews, daughters of the NLF(NZ) Trust's chairman and Melanie Yoeman who had previously travelled to Moshi with Peter Clerk's group in July 2006 arrived in Moshi around 5th January. Although the Fountain of Hope children were still on holiday, the girls began working in the Fountain of Zoe and also started adding displays to the Fountain of Hope classrooms. When the children returned from their holidays, the girls started helping the NLF staff with the child sponsorship programme, taking the children's photos, helping them write stories to their sponsor families, etc.

The founder and director of the New Life Foundation (Tanzania), Rev Glorious Shoo visited New Zealand for two weeks in November/December 2006. While Glorious was in New Zealand he:

  • was officially welcomed to Hebron Christian College
  • preached at 6 churches
  • spoke at two youth events
  • spoke at 5 school assemblies
  • visited the tourist city of Rotorua
  • sailed on a 50-foot yacht
  • studied beekeeping
  • attended three supporters BBQ dinners
  • studied hydroponics
  • taught the Matthews' dog to obey Swahili commands
  • experienced a Maori powhiri (welcome)at the Nga Kakano Maori Christian School
  • was guest speaker at the Hebron Christian College Prizegiving (see photo)

Mrs Violet Kimambo, Principal of the New Life Foundation (Tanzania) Fountain of Hope School, visited New Zealand for 10 weeks on a scholarship funded by Hebron Christian College staff and parents of students.Violet studied various aspects of Christian education, child management, student assessment and devising a God-centred curriculum. Hebron Christian College staff and families took Violet into their homes for meals and outings around Auckland. She visited Rotorua on two occasions and accompanied Nga Kakano Maori Christian School to Whangarei on a maori cultural visit.